Fixed Deposits


CAPITA FINANCIAL Term Deposits are a low risk investment that delivers a fixed rate of interest over a fixed investment term. If you need a regular income from your deposit and don't need immediate access to your funds, then a standard CAPITA FINANCIAL Term Deposit could be an ideal solution for you.



Interest rate.

We offer very competitive interest rates. Contact us for further details.


Fees & charges

There are no fees.


Minimum investment amount is EC$1,000


The interest rate your deposit earns is fixed and guaranteed for the term of the investment.


Interest payment frequency

Interest payments can be paid - monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, yearly or payment at maturity.

What happens at maturity?

At maturity you can: Automatically re-invest your funds for another term · Add extra funds, Withdraw part or all of the funds.


Early access to term deposits

At CAPITA FINANCIAL's discretion you can access your funds before maturity; however, you will incur an early withdrawal penalty.


Seniors' privilege

Senior Citizens can earn bonus interest of 0.25% p.a. on CAPITA FINANCIAL Term Deposits


Investments over $100,000

The interest rate available on investments over $100,000 is negotiable.

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