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Are you thinking about buying a new car?

At this time of year many people are thinking about a car. Whether the car is new, used or reconditioned, a car is one of the most important investments that you will make.

A car loan from CAPITA FINANCIAL could help you drive away in the car that you have been saving hard for.

We offer 90% financing for new cars with a maximum repayment period of seven (7) years and up to 85% financing for used cars at very competitive rates.

Complete our On-line Application Form or call us today at (758) 451-LOAN (5626) and let us put you in the driver's seat of your new car!

Applicants must provide three most recent salary slips, a proforma invoice from the car dealer and a job letter from their employer confirming their salary, job title and length of service and two pieces of valid photo identification including drivers license.

You will also need to comprehensively insure your vehicle.

Pay your insurance premiums by the month

CAPITA FINANCIAL will finance your general insurance premiums and arrange for its payment when it is due on your behalf. You then repay CAPITA FINANCIAL by way of monthly instalments. We can finance the premiums on most commercial and residential insurance policies.


CAPITA FINANCIAL will finance 70% of the cost of your premium with a maximum repayment period of eight (8) months.


The benefits of premium finance to you:

  • Budgeting of cash flows - The key benefit of premium finance to you is that the monthly premium instalment can be part of your budgeting process. Rather than having to allow for large payments of premium at a certain time during the year, the monthly payment can be scheduled along with rent, utilities and payroll.
  • Increased leverage of available assets - Business loans require an asset to be mortgaged as collateral and many companies are limited in their borrowings by the amount of unpledged assets. Premium finance allows you to be able to use the asset of the insurance policy to secure a loan. This leaves other assets on the balance sheet untouched and free for other uses.
  • Alternate source of capital - By using premium finance you do not have to use other sources of capital. Premium finance offers an additional line of credit to assist in cash flow management.
  • Fixed rate for the period of the loan


If you would like to know more about insurance premium financing,
please contact CAPITA FINANCIAL via email:
or give us a call at (758) 451-LOAN (5626).


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